4 Components You Will Require To Build Your Own Web Site

How to build a website
The whole procedure of creating your website includes a few terms and ideas which you need to understand before starting. With the info offered here, building a site would certainly be much simpler.

So let’s just quickly discuss the 4 important components which you need to utilize to create your own site. In order to help you better understand how a site works, we will use the analogy of a brick-and-mortar store and draw similarities between the two.

How to build a website

The first thing you'll have to do is get a domain name. But what is a domain name? It’s like a site's address. People would know where to locate you on line. When choosing the domain name, keep it short. So for those trying to find you on line, it will be easy to recall and type in.

Just as a typical store comes with an address which you give to your potential clients so they can locate you, your web site would also need a “web address” so your customers could find you on line.


A website hosting service is a company that provides a server where the site would reside. The server is just a special computer which has special software to display websites. Servers are always on, 24 hours every day. That ensures that the website is always online and accessible to your visitors.

Think of your web site hosting service as the land where you are going to build your own site. The location where to make your website is provided. Just as an off-line store needs land for the building and all of the equipment, your web site needs a location to store all of the files and pictures that support its structure.


The most popular platform is WordPress. With just one click, you can install WordPress on your server at no cost. It’s a series of information and images that work together to form a piece of software. WordPress is responsible for interacting with the server and the user at the same time.

Think of a website platform as a website’s structure. It’s the framework that supports your site. Just like a normal store will not exist without an actual building, your website needs a website platform to provide a place, or structure, for you to connect to your customers in the on line world.


A theme can be likened to paint. The theme is what makes a site look unique and you could use colors to create a design. Just as any brick-and-mortar store uses color and design to create a unique experience, your website’s theme can be used to change the feel and look of your site.

So, there you have it. You can now build a website on your own using these four components. Just make sure you know how each component works.